Tips on Tuesday

I’m sure many clay crafters out there have come across the issue of having that “scum” left on your hands after working with your polymer clay. You know what I’m talking about…that oily, slightly sticky residue left on your hands AFTER you’ve washed them. It’s so frustrating.

I’m here to share with you an inexpensive truck I’ve learned. First I, like many others, took to Pinterest to find the perfect remedy and I found many suggested tricks (wipes, hand sanitizer, an olive oil based concoction) but nothing seemed to work well for me, so I started to experiment.

The two things I knew were it needed to be slightly abrasive and it needed to cut through the oil.

I tried sugar scrubs (like the kind you use on your face) and I tried dish soap with grease cutters but the sugar would melt in my scrub and the dish soap made my hands too dry.

After some experimentation with different soaps and different scrubbing agents I found my perfect combo – simple hand soap and table salt.

Lemon Hand Soap and Table Salt

I’ve been using this regularly for a week or so now and love it! I hope you’ll try it and let me know how it works for you!

Lavender, Honey and Oats, Oh My!


Lavender and Honey-Oat Soap

A fresh batch of homemade goat’s milk soap with lavender, honey and oats.

Did you know that Punky Girl Boutique dabbles in soap-making???

A couple of years ago, while researching some new ideas for our shop, we stumbled across the art of soap-making.

As crafters, it seems like we are never satisfied with sticking to just one craft, rather, we like to specialize in a craft (or two . . . or three) and dabble in others.  Homemade soap has become one of those “dabble” crafts for us.

Punky Girl’s daddy and I spent some time back in 2016, experimenting with both cold process soap-making, as well as melt and pour soap-making.  We found that because of supply cost, customer interest and time constraints, we really enjoy melt and pour soap-making.

We recently made a batch of lavender, honey and oat soap with a goat’s milk base.  After testing a couple of bars ourselves, we found that this is definitely a winning combination!

We are proud to share that we will soon be listing this soap in our shop, so be on the look out!





Big Cartel Storefront

It’s been a while since we’ve listed items for sale, but it’s time to get back at it.  While we are currently planning to use Etsy for sales, we are also exploring other options.

In the next few days, we will be listing our first items on Big Cartel.  Our hope is that by offering different shopping options will create a more enjoyable shopping experience!

Big Cartel

Click HERE to see our new Big Cartel storefront!

We hope that you will share your shopping experiences with us!

Pinterest-ing Activity

We’ve been busily working on re-doing our Pinterest boards and hope you like the new look of it all!


Punky hard at work, making updates.

You can find us on Pinterest here:  Punky Girl Boutique’s Pinterest account.!

We’re still working to upload lots of new pins, as well as creating new boards, so please bare with us during the revamp.

If you are Punky Girl Boutique fan that would like to contribute to the Fan Board, send us an email – and we’ll add you as a contributor!