Lavender, Honey and Oats, Oh My!


Lavender and Honey-Oat Soap

A fresh batch of homemade goat’s milk soap with lavender, honey and oats.

Did you know that Punky Girl Boutique dabbles in soap-making???

A couple of years ago, while researching some new ideas for our shop, we stumbled across the art of soap-making.

As crafters, it seems like we are never satisfied with sticking to just one craft, rather, we like to specialize in a craft (or two . . . or three) and dabble in others.  Homemade soap has become one of those “dabble” crafts for us.

Punky Girl’s daddy and I spent some time back in 2016, experimenting with both cold process soap-making, as well as melt and pour soap-making.  We found that because of supply cost, customer interest and time constraints, we really enjoy melt and pour soap-making.

We recently made a batch of lavender, honey and oat soap with a goat’s milk base.  After testing a couple of bars ourselves, we found that this is definitely a winning combination!

We are proud to share that we will soon be listing this soap in our shop, so be on the look out!





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