Tips on Tuesday

I’m sure many clay crafters out there have come across the issue of having that “scum” left on your hands after working with your polymer clay. You know what I’m talking about…that oily, slightly sticky residue left on your hands AFTER you’ve washed them. It’s so frustrating.

I’m here to share with you an inexpensive truck I’ve learned. First I, like many others, took to Pinterest to find the perfect remedy and I found many suggested tricks (wipes, hand sanitizer, an olive oil based concoction) but nothing seemed to work well for me, so I started to experiment.

The two things I knew were it needed to be slightly abrasive and it needed to cut through the oil.

I tried sugar scrubs (like the kind you use on your face) and I tried dish soap with grease cutters but the sugar would melt in my scrub and the dish soap made my hands too dry.

After some experimentation with different soaps and different scrubbing agents I found my perfect combo – simple hand soap and table salt.

Lemon Hand Soap and Table Salt

I’ve been using this regularly for a week or so now and love it! I hope you’ll try it and let me know how it works for you!

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